Product & Service

What we aim for, essentially, is to provide a solution that benefits both parties.

Basic Series

from Rp. 4.850.000 / meter2

While the word ‘basic’ might convey a lack of quality, we assure you that it is anything but that. Our basic tier represents what a fully- functioning and visually appealing house should be. The design quality and essential attributes associated with a good home design, such as an efficient layout, temperate micro-climate, and unparalleled aesthetics, are all present. It encompasses every amenity of a comfortable single-family unit house that you would find in a nice neighborhood, without unnecessary luxury features that you may not truly need.

Choiceness Series

from Rp. 6.115.000 / meter2

Sitting at the second tier of our offerings, you will receive many extras for a more refined end result. While the essential elements that make a house a home are present, we elevate them to another level for your satisfaction. We incorporate natural materials such as marble and real hardwood into the design to enhance the overall experience. In consideration of your health and convenience, we include a safe drinking water installation in the price. Additionally, we understand how the presence of sound can create a pleasurable ambiance, which is why we include sound system installation. This is where practicality truly meets luxury

Luxury Series

from Rp. 12.250.000 / meter2

The pinnacle of what we have to offer, this series truly embodies luxury as its main feature. Careful attention to detail is taken into consideration from the beginning until the end to ensure your fulfillment