12 Core Values

As an architect, you design for the present, drawing inspiration from the past, all while considering a future that remains essentially unknown.

Core Value 1: Secure

Peace of Mind

This is your safe haven. We believe that blending traditional methods with modern security technology is the best way to provide you with protection. The openings of the building enclosure are carefully treated with strong materials and special locks, mitigating any possible unwanted entry and exit risks. The combination of traditional sharp fences with high-tech internet face recognition and IR CCTV ensures peace of mind even when you are away.

Core Value 2: Convenience

Place Where Everything is Sized for You

Sit back and relax; after all, this is your place. Here, you can sink into a smooth-textured sofa in a warm ambiance with a cup of coffee on your side table without worry of being nudged. The measurements and proportions cater to the human body, ensuring the most efficient and safe interaction, allowing you and your family to get comfortable as it should be.

Core Value 3: Cool

Pleasant climate 24/7

You are always cool. A temperature range of 21 °C – 24.5 °C is comfortable for you, and you can always have it. Implementing all three methods of engineering, such as natural ventilation, mechanical air circulation, and a simple to advanced air conditioning system, will ensure you experience the best, cool one.

Core Value 4: Acoustical

The Right Tune for The Right Time

Sound is vibration, as is life. The drizzle of rain, the croak of frogs, and the whistle of the wind carry tranquillity from the backyard to you as a gift. A range of 28 dB-40 dB is tolerable for you. Control the sounds you want to hear. Whether it’s time to play the beloved piano or simply listen to a favorite song through a 7-channel speaker in full bass mode with great acoustic quality, disturbances in the force are no more.

Core Value 5: Peaceful

Save-zone from Interference

Electromagnetic radiation from WiFi and smartphones is strong enough to disturb your precious sleep, especially if you are sensitive to it. Smart electrical grouping and timing will switch off unnecessary strong waves at night. To contain waves from electrical cables, we use high-quality conduits and careful installation inside walls. Achieve the deep sleep duration you always dream of.

Core Value 6: Luminous

A Shade to Set The Mood

A bright experience for bright people. Lighting at 100 lux – 400 lux with a warm color temperature illuminates your surroundings. With control of a dimmer at your fingertips, it keeps you away from dark places. Natural and artificial light intertwine in your building, creating a form of art. After all, it is light that is responsible for how you perceive this world through sight and vision.

Core Value 7: Aromatic

Signature Smell to Cherish The Moments

A big part of you is emotion and memory. The scent is clearly interlocked with your memory, having the ability to make you feel calm, tranquil, relaxed, refreshed, revitalized, and promote increased positivity. The scents of freshly cut grass, raindrops falling on dry soil, jasmine, vanilla, and frangipani from the garden will be imprinted in your mind alongside beautiful core memories created.

Core Value 8: Aesthetic

Reflection of Your Ideals

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Have you ever seen your car parked in the lot, and when you see it, it makes you smile and feel grateful? When you enter your car and feel excited with all the features, and you smile again? That is exactly how you feel when you see your building facade after a long commuting drive and enjoy the interior quality of your home. No one can say otherwise, including us.

Core Value 9: Vibrant

A Stage for Your Life Moments

Celebrate life. How we arrange space and employ convertible multipurpose furniture gives you minimal effort to get one large multipurpose room. Yoga, pottery, cooking, painting or body-pump class done with your closest circle, can be held in your building. You only live once, celebrate it right.

Core Value 10: Spacious

A Room for Growth, Literally and Metaphorically

It’s not about the area. It’s about how we organize, implement design strategy covering sequence and circulation, single and double volume hall, height and width proportion, material and texture, mass and transparent composition. Your guests would not believe when you tell them the actual square meter of your land lot.

Core Value 11: Pristine

Jar for Life’s Essentials

Water is Life. Regardless of whether the water comes from the Public Water Utility (PDAM), water wells, water tank trucks, or water gallon containers, we ensure you that the water in your building is properly processed to provide high-quality water for your family members.

Core Value 12: Feastful

Plate to Recharge and Grow

You are what you eat. The key to eating healthy lies in planning and process. A properly equipped & designed kitchen with adequate storage, cleaning, food preparation, and cooking area that will ensure your family member is nourished well.