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  1. Site Measurement Site Planning Survey
  2. Soil Test
  3. Architectural Planning & Design
  4. Structural Planning & Design
  5. Mechanical – Electrical Planning & Design
  6. Building Permit Submission

These pre-construction services are preliminary planning and engineering services offered by Gladia98 before the construction stage even begins. They involve defining the project, identifying potential issues, planning, scheduling, and analyzing the job’s scope and needs.

The pre-construction phase provides the construction team with a clear outline to follow during the job and educates the client on what they will need to do to ensure the functionality and expected cost of their project. This process helps the client gain a better understanding of the project before committing to any construction work.

Build Processes

  1. Structural Construction
  2. Mechanical – Electrical Installation
  3. Finishing
  4. Interior Installation
  5. Retention Period

Choosing these services is a much better option (and much less costly) than figuring things out after construction has already begun.

The construction process also referred to as the construction stage, encompasses the physical and associated processes, including demolition and site clearance, that contribute to completing a project. Various interdisciplinary experts, such as architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors, are involved in different stages of construction. We coordinate with them on your behalf, so you don’t have to.